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Amendment History

Previous Terms and Conditions Version 2

31st August 2018 - July 6th 2019


DELIVERY POLICY - All our codes are instant delivery***. They are sent in a PDF document which will be downloadable after checkout and also sent through email. You should be receiving the email within a few minutes of purchasing.​

***Instant delivery can be delayed if your email server is busy, or if your payment hasn't yet been confirmed by your payment provider.

You can check if payment has been confirmed by logging into your Paypal account.  ​

The document will be re-downloadable for up to 30 days, so ensure you either redeem or save your code as soon as received. ​​

RETURNS - We do not accept returns or exchanges for digital codes once they have been mailed. This is to prevent redemption after refunding. ​​

DISNEY SPLIT CODES - Please note our Disney codes are ALWAYS split unless stated otherwise, but they are all tested before listing to ensure no one else can redeem your film (The 2nd half is only ever listed once the 1st half is marked 'used' and unable to redeem in another account). ​​

This means your title can only be redeemed at either Movie Anywhere OR Google Play, not both. You must redeem your title at the purchased location. ​

All Disney titles accept: Toy Story That Time Forgot will port from Google to MA (and vise versa) using the Movies Anywhere service automatically, so rest assures that no matter which platform you choose, you can make the most of of your titles.​​

Please double check our MA listings to see if our titles include Disney Movie Rewards if you need these. Most do, but in rare cases some titles won't, but this will be specified within each listing.​​

PAYMENT AND REFUNDS - Paypal is currently the only accepted payment format, debit and credit cards will not be accepted at this time (unless used within Paypal).​​

Refunds will not be given for inability to redeem due to being unable to access the correct redemption location. Please ensure if purchasing you can 100% redeem the region code chosen right before purchasing. You must report the issue within 24 hours of receiving your code, so we can accurately investigate your issue. ​

Before any refund is given, you will be asked to provide evidence through screenshots of your issues. You must provide the screenshots requested in order to receive your refund so that we have chance to fully investigate any issues. ​

We will do our best to resolve any issues you may have.​​

FORMAT AND REDEMPTION - Codes must be redeemed in the link sent with your code or specified platforms on the listing. You must not redeem an item at another location, as it may invalidate other parts of a code or not guarantee your quality. If other parts of a code are redeemed without permission, your account will be charged for the invalidated formats. ​​

Instructions sent through email are for desktop only, if you are struggling viewing the redemption page or following the instructions through mobile, please contact customer care for further help.​​

OUT OF REGION CODES - Some codes will transfer to other region websites using UltraViolet and a VPN. Please feel free to contact us with help in which UV codes will port to other regions.​​

Refunds will not be given for inability to redeem due to  being unable to access the correct redemption location. You would need previous experience with a VPN in order to do this - Please ensure when purchasing that you can 100% redeem the region code chosen right before purchasing, and have previous experience redeeming UK codes.​

If you are unsure about redeeming UK codes at ALL before purchasing, please contact us through customer care. ​

US Citizens - Due to recent US Flixster accounts being shut down:

If you used to be able to redeem UK codes within the USA, you will now need to create a new UK account and connect it to your existing UltraViolet account if you haven't already.

This way you can log in, sync your movies and once again redeem UK codes. ​

As of 31st August 2018 - We will start to amend item descriptions to say which UK titles will and won't transfer automatically to VUDU from UK Flixster. 

This will help any US members determine which titles will be worthwhile investing in - but please ensure you already have the method in place to redeem UK codes before purchasing and have previous experience, as refunds can't be given for this error. 

Version 3.1

July 6th 2019 - July 28th 2019

Didn't include: 

Codes must be redeemed through computer browser, not mobile. 


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