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31st AUGUST 2018:

4K UK Titles now added to products.

Titles are now starting to be updated to show which titles transfer from Flixster UK to VUDU through UltraViolet under item description. (See T&C before purchasing). 

This will help all our US customers tell which UK UltraViolet titles are worth purchasing, as once transferred to VUDU they will be treated as VUDU titles and sync to MA if eligible in VUDU. 

We are also planning to include a 'Transfers to VUDU' filter along the left hand bar, to help people find things easier.

If a title is yet to be updated to show if it transfers, please feel free to send us a ticket under customer care with a list of which titles you are interested in purchasing - and we can get back to you with the information within 24 hours.

If you are currently unable to redeem UK codes and want more information regarding redeeming within the USA, please feel free to contact us through customer care or through our chat box below.

Please remember to leave your email so we can get back to you.

24th AUGUST 2018

'Disney' filter now added to our USA titles page!

Find Disney titles more easily using the option.

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